RIVA-LIFE is a unique co-ownership programme that enables owners to make the most of their time aboard the RIVA.
The RIVA-LIFE co-ownership model enables up to seven co-owners to enjoy the benefits of owning a magnificent RIVA yacht, at a fraction of the acquisition and/or ongoing cost.

56 Rivale_Exteriors (15)


1/7th Share

From € 333 333

Riva 76 Perseo_ (22)


1/7th Share

From € 716 667

88 Domino Super Ext_ (2)


1/7th Share

From € 1 133 333

RIVA 100 Corsaro


1/7th Share

From € 1 550 000

Four RIVA-LIFE models are available in two idyllic yachting locations: the beautiful Cape Town and the yachting paradise … the Mediterranean. More exotic locations will be introduced soon. This unique programme guarantees availability during the peak yachting seasons for each owner.


The Mediterranean

The estimated mooring cost per shareholder per annum:

R250 000 (subject to annual increases and exchange rate fluctuations, but excludes VAT).

Cape Town

The estimated mooring cost per shareholder per annum:

R50 000 (subject to annual increases, exchange rate fluctuations, but excludes VAT)


AdBrands Marine will manage the yacht on behalf of the network and will remain the 7th shareholder.

Management/cleaning fees: R50 000 per annum per shareholder

Cost of use

The cost of use will be billed on an individual basis. The appointed captain, crew, fuel, catering and additional running costs incurred during time of use, will be billed to the shareholder for the time aboard. Any routine repairs or maintenance costs will be shared amongst all owners.

Time allocation

Time allocation will be treated on a rotational basis. The peak season (May – September) will be assigned to each shareholder by number: the owner who was assigned the first option in the first year will have the last option the following year. In order to grant all shareholders equal access to the yacht during peak season, two consecutive week-long periods of use are capped per shareholder. Shareholders are able to exchange allocation in and amongst themselves.

1. Shareholder One – first option on peak season
2. Shareholder Two – second option on peak season
3. Shareholder Three – third option on peak season
4. Shareholder Four – fourth option on peak season
5. Shareholder Five – fifth option on peak season
6. Shareholder Six – sixth option on peak season
7. Shareholder Seven – seventh option on peak season

Each owner is allocated SEVEN weeks in total per annum (49 weeks in total to distribute). The remaining three weeks are appointed for annual maintenance or servicing.